Boston Matthews Coiler

Boston Matthews UC 600 Take -Up Winder provide an easy and cost effective means of winding Tubing and Profiles.

Our Winders are available with a range of standard coil formers or can be customized to suit your Reels. Tension and speed is precisely controlled throughout the winding process, even for very lightweight products. The traverse width and pitch are fully adjustable ensuring a clean and neatly wound coil.


  • Twin & Single Models available
  • Fully adjustable for speed & tension
  • Fully adjustable traverse width & pitch
  • Suitable for a range of Coil Formers and Reels
  • Clean, clear design for easy operation
  • Range of options including Sonar Tension Control for ‘delicate’ extrudates and virtually tension free coiling

Strong, Robust Construction

Boston Matthews Coilers are constructed from a solid, heavy-weight frame to ensure movement and vibration free sawing.

Small Footprint

Coilers are designed with a small footprint (including operational footprint) for easy of integration into any extrusion facility.

Operator Controls

Clear and simple operator controls positioned for easy access.

Line Integration

All Coilers and Winders are easily integrated with existing equipment or extrusion line.

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