Used for applications in the Recycling and Aggregate, Minerals and Mining IndustriesBunting’s new ElectroMax Air Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator is 185% stronger and 25% lighter than equivalent permanent crossbelt magnets. The ElectroMax provides customers with a smaller, lighter, and more compact system without any compromise in separation performance. This low profile, air cooled electromagnetic conveyorContinue reading “BUNTING ELECTROMAX AIR COOLED CROSSBELT MAGNETIC SEPARATOR”

Metal Separation options

Eddy Current Separator Bunting Eddy Current Separators are available in 24″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ widths to provide non-ferrous conductive metal separation from non-conductive recycled materials. These are used extensively in the Plastics, Municipal, Electronics, Glass and Metal Recycling Industries to separate shredded aluminum, aluminum cans, bottle caps, hard drive housings and circuit board componentsContinue reading “Metal Separation options”


Bunting® is The Leader for Metal Detection in Plastics. For over 60 years, Bunting has been a leading supplier of high quality magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment for customers working in the many different facets of the plastics industry. Additionally, we supply the plastics industry with top of the line magnetic printing cylinders for plasticContinue reading “PLASTICS PROTECTION FROM METAL”

Vertical blender/dryers

ROSS Vertical blender/dryers designed for vacuum operation offer a better alternative to non-agitated dryers such as ovens and tray dryers, delivering significantly higher drying rates per unit heating area. Vertical blender/dryers can also handle a variety of feed forms including slurries and pastes which other types of agitated dryers cannot accommodate. Finally, the gentle mixingContinue reading “Vertical blender/dryers”

Wobbler Feeders

Wobbler feeders are designed for combined feeding and separating in any wet and sticky operation. Used before primary crushers, wobbler feeders excel where others fail – in situations too wet and sticky for other feeders and scalpers. This is made possible by their self-cleaning and non-clogging elliptical bars, which allow material to be fed andContinue reading “Wobbler Feeders”

Metso Outotec Crossover™ feeder

With an innovative and modular belt-over-apron hybrid design, the Metso Outotec Crossover™ feeder delivers unmatched levels of availability and reliability with a reduction in overall costs. Metso Outotec’s Crossover™ feeder combines proven designs with innovation and modularity to produce a belt-over-apron hybrid solution. The Crossover feeder provides an alternative solution to applications where an apronContinue reading “Metso Outotec Crossover™ feeder”

Bunting Drum Grate Magnets

Permanent type Bunting Drum Grate Magnets are designed for removal of tramp from plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc., being packaged in drums and barrels These portable magnets are quickly installed by placing the collar flange on top of the barrel or drum. The tubes are l” in diameter and are on 2″ centers. The frame, flangeContinue reading “Bunting Drum Grate Magnets”

Drum Magnetic Separators

Bunting’s drum magnetic separators are self-cleaning, allowing for continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from a wide range of free-flowing bulk and granular materials in high-volume applications. Drum magnets are designed to achieve magnetic separation in bulk materials and materials experiencing high flow rates. Bunting’s drum magnets and drum separators are self-cleaning, allowing for continuous removalContinue reading “Drum Magnetic Separators”

Tanks and Vessels

During the last decade, Ross has grown to be one of the best-equipped and most highly respected custom fabricators in North America. Ross offers a combination of engineering and manufacturing resources that few fabricators can match. Ross builds polished vessels and reactors, pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks, columns and large diameter pipe to meet theContinue reading “Tanks and Vessels”