Railcar Movers

Application Specific

Our line of Metso Outotec railcar movers come in a wide variety of configurations and capacities to suit specific applications.

Engineered wire rope puller

Adaptability and varying speed capacity

Metso Outotec wire rope car pullers are available in one-way and reversible models. They are adaptable to many special handling jobs including ladle cars, industrial cars, furnace hoods and doors, ships in dry-dock, shuttle conveyors and roll-off containers.

  • Style 969: One way car puller – generally used where individual or strings of 20 cars. 
  • Style 970: Single drum, reversible – generally used where cars must be moved or controlled in both directions along a level track.  Travel length is typically limited to 152 meters (500 ft.).
  • Style 1000: Double drum, reversible – designed for applications where a closed rope circuit is required. The double drum extends the permissible travel range to as much as 610 meters (2,000 ft.)
METSO Engineered wire rope puller for moving railcars
Wire rope puller

Nolan HCM™ (Hydraulic car mover)

Metso Outotec Nolan HCM’s are engineered for moving strings of up to 35 railcars with spotting accuracy of ± 15.24 cm (± 6”). Used where hydraulic cylinders are preferred over wire rope winches due to site conditions or other considerations.

  • Cylinder propelled (double-acting)
  • Mounted to the outside of rail (on ties or concrete)
  • Pusher dogs push on truck frame (stow when not in use)
  • Single-directional, ± 15.24 cm (± 6”) spotting accuracy
  • 16 m (52’-6”) travel with standard 4-dog; other travel distances available
  • Adjusts automatically to cars of varying lengths
  • Standard duty HCM is rated for 20,400 kp (45,000 lbf.) pushing force
  • Heavy duty HCM is rated for 24,950 kp (55,000 lbf.) pushing force
  • Can handle up to 35 railcars on straight and level track
METSO Nolan HCM Hydraulic Car Mover is designed to move up to 35 railcars at once.
Nolan HCM Hydraulic Car Mover

SCAMP® railcar indexer

Reversible hydraulic railcar positioners

Reversible, ± 25 mm (± 1”) spotting accuracy
Highly automated
Hydraulic cylinder or wire rope driven
Mounts between rails
Pusher dogs capture axle – maintains positive control in both forward & reverse directions
Two versions available
Hydraulic cylinder configuration: Travel 16 m (52 ft.) up to 36 m (117 ft.)
Wire rope configuration: Travel up to 61 m (200 ft.)
Pushing force: 8,164 – 27,215 kilogram-force (18,000 – 60,000 pound-force.)
Can handle to 10 – 50 cars (straight/level track)

Excels in scale and precision positioning applications
Automated SCAMP indexes one car length, then auto acquires next car
Eliminates manual labor
No wire rope on the cylinder operated version
Rope can be completely guarded on wire rope version
Rechargeable battery operated (BATT SCAMP) version available

Scamp railcar indexer acquires the desired axle on a string of cars. Car is indexed through the receiving or loading position. Operator presses an auto acquire button on the HMI station; the carriage disengages from the first axle and automatically locates the corresponding axle of the next car. The SCAMP locks onto this axle and repeats the process. The entire indexing and acquisition sequence can be automated depending upon the application.

METSO SCAMP railcar indexer is a reversible hydraulic railcar positioner which captures the axle and maintains control in both directions.
SCAMP railcar indexer