Consistent Storage Silo discharge flow

Laidig Systems provides customized materials handling solutions for materials with poor material flow characteristics or other special requirements. We are a global leader in designing and building reclaimers to automate the unloading of dry bulk materials. The reliability and sophistication of Laidig’s reclaimers have proved to be invaluable for industrial, process-driven applications in industries such as food processing, meals, mining, pulp & paper, wood pelleting, biomass, power, biofuels, ethanol, mining & minerals, cement, and many more.

Laidig cone bottom reclaimers ensure complete flow of materials inside a cone-bottom hopper

Laidig flat bottom reclaimers ensure complete flow of materials from under an open stockpile or inside a storage silo or dome.

Wire Rope Car Pullers

Metso:Outotec wire rope car pullers are available in one-way and reversible models. They are adaptable to many special handling jobs including ladle cars, industrial cars, furnace hoods and doors, ships in dry-dock, shuttle conveyors and roll-off containers.

  • Style 969: One way car puller – generally used where individual or strings of 20 cars. 
  • Style 970: Single drum, reversible – generally used where cars must be moved or controlled in both directions along a level track.  Travel length is typically limited to 152 meters (500 ft.).
  • Style 1000: Double drum, reversible – designed for applications where a closed rope circuit is required. The double drum extends the permissible travel range to as much as 610 meters (2,000 ft.)

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Combining feeding of materials with weighing

General applications include the feeding of dry bulk materials into a process. You may just need to confirm how much material you have received.

You might also need to know how much material you are feeding into a process so that you can closely control the downstream addition or blending of ingredients.

In a food processing application, this could involve adding seasonings and ingredients as well as drying of the product. This is important to control costs and product consistency. We all know what our favourite food tastes like and we will instantly reject something different or inferior.


Another reason to combine feeding of materials and weighing is to reduce the footprint of the equipment as you have only so much space. It is possible to add a weighing feature into a conveyor or bucket elevator. This can also reduce overall cost of equipment.


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Ideas to move your materials

Some dry bulk materials flow well and have minimal handling requirements. Other materials are sensitive to moisture, temperature and handling. A change in conditions during transfer, storage or processing may make a material hard to convey, store and reclaim. We have some positive methods for ensuring that your materials are always moving and available to you.

Ideas to process your materials

Processing materials often involves standard equipment such as heaters, coolers, dryers, screeners, separators, extruders, saws, coilers, winders.